Sandy Bay Wave Cave


Recording from a small alcove along the rocks of Sandy Bay, St Helena, South Atlantic

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on S p o r e s

The intention was to generate an interplay between the limited accessibility of biological discourse with functional aspects of a dwelling place. I deconstructed small paragraphs, separating out individual words/units, by removing connective words, pronouns and temporal markers. As demonstrated in previous works – which I used as a foundation for this project – I am interested in the disruption of linear syntax and of narrative in prose-style forms. When not contextually grounded, seemingly nonsensical poetic lines and clashing discourses facilitate unexpected connections…The idea was to present connective words as like wires or neural pathways in a language network…The spores reveal themselves as word-litter systems, establishing a dialogue between non-human and human speech.

When the water the water broke split open (play version)

Water           Water is both literally and symbolically the source of life.
Basin           We have to keep the wet out of the concrete.
Water           Celebrate the rhythm of your limbs.
Basin           Carve the concrete up at an angle. I don’t know how it will ever dry.
Water           It is funny how dry your skin feels when underwater.
Basin           There is sand in my work boots.
Water           The sensation of space between your feet and the earth is worth it in itself.
Basin           It is too hot on this resort for hardhats.
Water           I most like to feel my head empty out in the water.
Basin           The cliff face is losing years.
Water + Basin        The further we dig the deeper we go.

Water           When adulthood strikes our uninhibited joy of playing in the water often subsides.
Basin           It is possible to use panels made of fibreglass or galvanised steel, but concrete is suited to the weight of the waves on this particular project.
Basin           I hate the way it gets into the nailbed, the wrinkles.
Water           It would be a noble thing to make pools for the public.
Basin           Water will never get this off.
Water           There are many ways to cleanse the soul. I like swimming.
Basin           The surfers are upset with the inconvenience we have caused them.
Water           This is something that anybody can do. The cushion of the water is easy on your skeleton. The ease of the water is soothing on muscular injuries.
Basin           My back is breaking.
Water + Basin        This is highly technical.

Basin           I am not sure we have the right tools to keep this structure up.
Water           Practice the flutter kick, static balance and dynamic balance.
Basin           The waves keep knocking the structure off balance.
Water           Practice first on dry land and then in the water with flotation devices.
Basin           Holding this up is wreaking havoc on my back.
Water           Practice the technique while floating on your back and on your sides.
Basin           We could use some extra hands here.
Water           Practice the arm stroke and leg kick individually.
Basin           The whole thing is waving under the pressure.
Water           Practice the body undulation.

Currently working on

  • Proprioception of the digital – Digital poem accessed as a game in which the player builds a body by interacting with word clusters. Based on the following trains of thought: Proprioception extends beyond the physical. Environment builds and/or strips body. Anti-narrative provides choices with no view of possible outcomes. Words are consumable.
  • Phantoms – Prose poems dealing with disembodied encounters with places and people.
  • A series of anti-lyric poems grown out of particular formulaic theoretical writings on lyric poems. I.E. Omitting the components of one to generate an opposition. Finding ghosts there.

Goodbye 2015

Beloveds; strawberry fields; salt pools; academia; poetics; trees; walks; synthesisers; abstract soundscapes; falling in love; amateur philosophy; mental health; mental unhealh; unmental health; unmental unhealth; resilience; joy.


I’m waving 2015 goodbye in making booklets of poetry from this year (for loved ones, only).